Facebook Quintuples Application Email Limit

Facebook has just announced that they will be increasing “the maximum number of emails that can be sent to each user … per day from 1 to 5.” This is a significant change for many applications. Previously, it has been somewhat challenging to keep users engaged in an application. That is less of an issue now that Facebook has raised the number of emails each application can send on a daily basis? Will this increase spam though?

In the short run I can see this increasing spam in our inboxes but Facebook has been historically aggressive on fighting spam. Applications are no exception. Now you can look forward to more emails notifying you that someone on Hot or Not thinks that you are cute or that someone has turned you into a Zombie. As someone that gets a lot of application notifications, I surely don’t need emails adding to the spamminess of Facebook.

For developers this update by Facebook is a godsend. Everytime someone gets poked, has something written on their wall, gets hit with a snowball, has someone view their profile, receives a gift or has anything else happen to them, they can now look forward to an email potentially. Do you think this change is a good thing or a bad thing?