Facebook Adds Quick Transitions For Faster Applications

A couple weeks ago I received a few emails about a new feature that had begun showing up for applications: quick transitions. The purpose of the feature is to speed up load time for each page. For those applications that are standard FBML applications, nothing needs to be done aside from checking a box within your application settings. For iFrame applications you may not have to make a change as many iFrame applications do not reload every time a link is clicked.

Some iFrame applications will be forced to make some small modifications as explained in the developer wiki. I haven’t personally tested out this new feature but who doesn’t like adding a little bit of speed to their applications? According to Facebook, this new feature will go live for all applications in the next week.

This actually a fairly useful feature as many applications were subject to load time issues outside of their control. Facebook is already somewhat bulky and requires a decent load time. Add Facebook’s load time to an application’s load time and you can end up with some significant delays. If you want to add quick transitions to your application you can enable it from the “Canvas” tab within your application settings.

It’s a small upgrade but a few developers have said that they’ve seen a decent performance increase from implementing this new feature. It’s great to see that Facebook is still committed to improving the platform experience even while they try to expand the number of sites supporting Facebook Connect. Earlier this week developers had been complaining about Facebook Connect failing for their iPhone applications but the issue has since been resolved.

Have you implemented quick transitions for your application? Have you seen positive results?