Facebook Introduces Post Quality Score For Pages

Last week Facebook introduced a new public profile insights tool which lets page administrators track who is interacting with their page and how each fan is interacting. One of the new measurements that was added is called “Post Quality” which according to Facebook is a “Score measuring how engaging your content is to Facebook users. A higher Post Quality indicates material that better engages users.”

Facebook has also indicated that they will be providing an additional metric called “Stream CTR / ETR” which is a measure of the click through and engagement rate for the page. One thing that still isn’t provided to administrators is statistics about the number of fans who have feed stories hidden from their feed. This is a relatively significant statistic as post quality could be negatively impacted if less users are interacting with a company’s page because more fans removed it from the feed.

As I’ve also mentioned in the past, it would make a lot of sense to add an insight which tracks the conversion of visitors from Facebook ads into fans. This would help advertisers determine which ads are working most effectively and adjust spending based on that insight. Facebook is clearly focused on improving their insights product but the product is still clearly unfinished.

Also what’s more challenging for page administrators is that the insights are not exportable to other formats. If administrators were able to produce deep analysis on the interactions of fans with their pages, steps could be taken to improve the overall user experience. Within Facebook applications, developers invest a substantial amount of time in improving the overall user experience while incorporating detailed metrics.

It’s difficult to do the same within Facebook Pages because Facebook is the one who controls what metrics page administrators have access to. Do you find this new metric to be useful? What additional metrics would you like to see?

As Phil Edwards notes in the comments, you can actually view how many people are unsubscribing from your feed updates in the lower part of the insights page by selecting “Unsubscribes / Resubscribes”.

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