Facebook Photos Hits the 10 Billion Mark

Wow! 10 billion photos uploaded on Facebook is certainly a lot considering that it is not really a photo uploading site per se but rather a social networking site. Facebook’s Engineering Blog reported that there are now over 10 billion photos uploaded on the site. According to Caroline McCarthy of CNET.News’ those figures are more than Photobucket’s 6.2 billion photos and Flickr’s 2 billion. And then again, we repeat Facebook is a social network and not a photo uploading/sharing site.

To add some interesting stats on these Facebook photos:

  • 2-3 Terabytes of photos are being uploaded to the site every day
  • one petabyte of photo storage
  • over 15 billion photo images served per day
  • Photo traffic now peaks at over 300,000 images served per second

Why is this happening? Simple. Facebook has a very good photo uploading feature, which makes it easy for Facebook members to upload not just a single photos but photo albums comprised of several features as well. And why do we upload photos? To share it with out friends and family. That’s where Facebook’s social networking feature comes in.

If you are to upload photos for the mere purpose of sharing them with friends, why bother uploading these bunch of photos in Photobucket or Flickr then send your friends and family the LINK to your albums later on to share it with them, when you can easily upload them in your Facebook account which will trigger an alert on your friends and family’s Facebook account informing them that you’ve upload new photos?

Definitely the Facebook photo uploading feature is more convenient way of sharing photos. But then, if you think of the long-term storage for bulks of photos, online photo storage would still be your best bet.

But still, 10 billion photos uploaded to Facebook is still huge. If only each of those photos are monetizable, Facebook’s Zuckerberg will be filthy rich by now.