Facebook Just Made It Easier to Share, Collaborate On and Feature Photo Albums

Users can now showcase their favorite photo albums right on their Facebook profiles

Facebook announced an album full of updates to its photo albums feature Thursday.

New features introduced by the social network—launching on Android and the web Thursday, with iOS coming soon—include:

  • The addition of videos, check-ins, text posts “and more” to photo albums.
  • The option of following or unfollowing friends’ albums (notifications can always be turned on or off).
  • An easier way to allow friends and family to collaborate on albums.
  • Featured Albums, which allows users to showcase their favorite albums on their profiles.

A Facebook spokesperson detailed the new features in an email to Social Pro Daily:

More content sharing: Not just for photos anymore, now people can include videos, check-ins, text posts and more in their albums. Gone on a surf trip recently? Share videos of you tacking your waves, your check-in at the pier, a photo of your board and more—in a single album.

Follow and unfollow specific albums: People now have the option to follow (or unfollow) a friend’s album to avoid missing any new posts. So, never fear that you are missing an update on your friend’s new puppy. You can follow their album and see all new updates to that album in your News Feed. Remember that notifications for specific albums can always be turned on/off.

Collaborate with friends and family: Share and organize photos from group trips in one place. When creating an album, you can easily add people to collaborate with you on it.

New! Featured Albums: With this new update, people can showcase their favorite albums right on their profile.

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