Facebook Pages Will Replace Traditional Landing Pages

-Facebook Pages Icon-If you’ve been an active internet user over the past decade, you have most definitely interacted with countless landing pages. Wikipedia describes a landing page as “the page that appears when a potential customer clicks on an advertisement or a search-engine result link. The page will usually display content that is a logical extension of the advertisement or link, and that is optimized to feature specific keywords or phrases for indexing by search engines.”

This is the system that search engine optimization experts have been gaming for years. Rather than just driving traffic to increase advertising dollars (as blogs do), internet marketing experts focus on converting new visitors into paying customers. All of that is about to change. Today, Facebook will announce the new version of their Pages that we’ve been discussing all along. With it comes a new wave of opportunity.

Branding Opportunity

Prior to diving in to how this is going to transform landing pages, and ultimately the internet marketing landscape, let me first explain how this will transform branding on Facebook. Prior to now, Facebook Pages and Facebook applications were essentially two separate entities. While companies could integrate applications into their pages, there was a huge shortfall in the level of interactivity that could be provided within Facebook Pages.

With the redesigned version of Facebook Pages, all of that will change. Brands can direct users to specific tabs on their fan pages which will provide as much interactivity as Facebook applications currently provide. This means that Facebook Pages essentially provide large brands with the opportunity to expand the “branded environment” within which users are engaged.

Say goodbye to the days in which branded experiences were disjointed activities that took place in different areas of the Facebook website. Now, all of those experiences will take place on a brand’s Facebook Page. If your brand still hasn’t figured out their strategy, call me and I’ll make sure you are moving in the right direction.

Why Haven’t I Been Selling More?!?

Many businesses are searching for ways to leverage Facebook but they haven’t figured out the massive opportunity which exists. The greatest problem facing most businesses is not that they aren’t willing to risk a little money on Facebook advertising, but instead that they don’t know how to. Thousands of dollars are regularly washed down the drain and occasionally I hear of complaints from advertisers who say they can’t convert their ads into customers.

The primary challenge for the small business owners is that they haven’t yet learned the new paradigm of Facebook advertising. I’m not going to take the time to delve into all the potential of Facebook advertising and how your business will benefit in this post. If however you’d like to learn more, I suggest that you subscribe to our newsletter using the form at the end of this post because I’ll be announcing some new ways to improve the bottom line of your business through Facebook in the very near future.

The Landing Page of Tomorrow

While search engine optimization and Google ad optimization is still a highly lucrative business, the margins are decreasing and finding that perfect product to sell on Google is becoming increasingly difficult. Facebook currently presents a huge opportunity for businesses to get new customers. Facebook Pages are at the center of that opportunity.

You can target individuals specifically about their interests, job position, as well as a number of other factors and drive them to your Facebook Page. So why on earth would you drive them to a Facebook Page and not a traditional landing page? That’s an easy one to answer. Anybody that’s viewing a Facebook advertisement is guaranteed to be a Facebook user. Why does that matter to you?

Well previously there was a huge barrier to getting a user to enter their contact information into a form. Visitors would regularly have to enter their email, name, phone number, and often numerous other variables. On Facebook Pages the only thing they need to click is “Become a Fan”. That means the barrier for generating new leads has been reduced by a substantial amount.

I would post numbers about the increased conversion rate but most of those numbers would currently be assertions. Let me just say that the other internet marketers that know about this secret are not currently sharing it with you because they are too busy making money. If you run a small (or medium) business or are part of a small (or medium) business, your company should be making more money, even during the down economy.

If you want to learn how you can drastically improve your conversion rates and begin making money on Facebook for your business, join the newsletter below. Later today I will be posting about the updated Facebook Pages. If you aren’t currently using it, you should because there is currently tons of untapped potential on Facebook.

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