Facebook Pages Don’t Foster Much Engagement or Interaction [Infographic]

Businesses created Facebook Pages to engage and interact with their fans, but this tactic is proving ineffective.

facebook pages

Facebook pages often seem to have very low engagement and interaction. According to new data from social media analytics firm Quintly, this may not be all that uncommon. Quintly compared interaction between pages of various sizes, their relative like rates, and how the pages performed in July 2014 to how they performed in July 2013. The data is compiled into the infographic below.

Interaction is largely limited to likes, comments and shares on Facebook. Across all tiers of pages, from those with one to 1,000 fans to those with 10 million-plus fans, likes make up the majority of interaction. In the one-to-1000 bracket of pages, 100 percent of the interaction is likes.

Pages with 1K to 10K fans show the highest percentage of comment activity at nine percent. Comments decline for every bracket thereafter.

The 10K to 100K, 100K to 1M and 1M to 10M brackets all saw a share rate of 13 percent.

To view more data about the number of posts fans make to pages, or to compare your page to the average number of Facebook fans pages have, view the infographic below.

facebook pages

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