Facebook Pages Directory: Where Is It?

A few weeks ago Facebook announced their new Pages service. Brands, bands, movies and other entities can build a page to promote their product or service. It’s a great system but there are only three ways to hear about it: through another friend, through a social ad or through search. While this is great for Facebook’s advertising network it really isn’t great for the users. With groups I can go browse through what’s popular in my network and popular with my friends.

So why doesn’t Facebook launch a Pages directory just as they have for applications? I understand that they want to generate revenue but while a pages directory will help pages attract more users, there will still be brands and individuals that invest heavily in advertising. If Facebook helps brands attract more customers for free, they will increase overall awareness of brand pages. Facebook may not need help promoting Pages though.

According to an interview with Chamath Palihapitiya Palihapitiya yesterday, businesses have already created over 250,000 pages. While businesses don’t appear to have trouble finding the new Pages service, general Facebook users are not necessarily signing up at a rapid pace. If you take a look at a number of pages, there are less than 500 fans on the average page. Compare that with Facebook applications and you will see a much higher rate of adoption.

The numbers are all speculation though. I have reached out to Facebook to get more details and am still awaiting a response. I think it would be extremely useful to be able to browse through each of the pages that have been created on Facebook. Do you think this would be useful? Would Facebook do this while risking a potential decrease in Social Ad sales?