Facebook Pages Bring Out the Tinsel for the Holidays

With the holiday season in full swing, we wanted to bring you some highlights of what Page owners from various verticals are doing with their Pages this season. We say highlights because there are hundreds of Pages that are featuring some kind of holiday content.

As we recently detailed, one of the fastest growing Pages this month has been ABC Family’s 25 Days of Christmas, which just passed half a million fans (currently at 508,190). Along with high engagement and a very useful set of tools on the site, since we last covered the Page, it has launched an app called “Missiletoe Jam” which is kind of a like a Jib-Jab greeting card app, in that you can create funny greeting card to  your friend. However, instead of JibJab’s elves, you get cartoon toe-shaped missiles to put you and your friends faces into (get it?).

Bob Dylan’s official page has been promoting his “Christmas in the Heart” album, proceeds of which go to feed the homeless.

Dylan’s Page has been featuring his music videos from the album and is sending people to Amazon to purchase and view more content. Other music acts promoting their involvement in the holidays include gospel act Mary Mary which talked about their Christmas special, and country act Sugarland, which has been discussing its holiday performance in Washington DC for President Barack Obama.

Non-profits have using their Facebook Page to generate donations this holiday season. For instance, the Special Olympics has a promotion that if a fan donates in the name of a friend, the Speical Olympics will send them a free music download.

The American Red Cross, with more than 95,000 fans, has been sharing a number with a fans a number of holiday and winter time initiatives on their Page, including sending fans to Causes for donations and with Notes such as their “The Twelve Days of Holiday Safety“. The Salvation Army has been discussing their various holiday drives and new on their Page, such as sharing the news that a person left a gold coin worth $1,200 in a red Salvation Army kettle in Chicago.

Of course, many brands and retailers on Facebook have integrated some kind of holiday content into their Pages. Gap has two apps running, one to send a holiday “cheer”, which 45,634 people have done so far, and another fun app that analyzes your profile and customizes a holiday for you.

Neutrogena recently offered its fans a coupon for free lipstick if they visited the cosmetics brand’s holiday website, Target has been adding in holiday videos to its Wall stream as well displaying promotions offered on their website, and Best Buy has had their dedicated tab to the holidays up since Thanksgiving.

For everyone preparing holiday meals, the Food Network (as they did for Thanksgiving) has a quite thorough tab on holiday cooking that sends users off to their website, and Betty Crocker has been sprinkling holiday cooking tips and recipes into their stream over the last few weeks.

As we mentioned above, we found dozens of official Pages with holiday focused content (and many, many more unofficial Pages were Facebook users can become Fans of different parts of the holidays), but we thought we’d leave you with two more tidbits. First, Disneyland’s Page, with 1.02 million fans, has a nice looking tab that includes a “Santa’s Survey” of which Disney character fans would like to have over for a holiday dinner (Donald Duck leads as the choice of 46.15% of respondents) as well as a slideshow of Disneyland dressed up for the holidays.

Finally, while Facebook gave this guy the vanity URL www.facebook.com/holidays, Facebook hasn’t assigned anyone the vanity URL www.facebook.com/christmas – so if you’re an organization or brand that is focused around that holiday, you may want to drop Facebook an email.