Facebook Page Tools Grow The Fastest Among Apps

Page creation tools see tremendous growth over the past seven days, ending the week as the fastest growing applications on Facebook.

Page creation tools see tremendous growth over the past seven days, ending the week as the fastest growing applications on Facebook.

Facebook’s Fastest Growing Apps

NameDaily Active UsersMonthly Active UsersWeekly Growth
1. Static HTML: iframe tabs3,600,00060,300,0002,600,000
2. Static Iframe Tab1,700,00026,300,0002,400,000
3. Causes400,0006,200,0001,000,000
4. Words With Friends7,900,00016,600,0001,000,000
5. Iwipa Website: HTML + iframe + FBML530,00011,900,000900,000
6. TripAdvisor860,00013,200,000800,000
7. Yahoo1,200,00011,000,000800,000
8. The Food List Challenge130,0001,600,000740,000
9. Family Tree390,0005,400,000700,000
10. Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab610,00011,300,000700,000
11. Static HTML Iframe Tab : Custom Icons660,0005,100,000700,000
12. Static HTML… [Third Tab]190,0003,400,000700,000
13. Today Calendar100,0001,200,000690,000
14. Are YOU Interested?860,0008,000,000600,000
15. Tetris Battle3,100,00010,900,000600,000
16. My Calendar130,0001,200,000520,000
17. BandRx350,0006,900,000500,000
18. Bubble Witch Saga3,900,00010,900,000500,000
19. Texas HoldEm Poker6,600,00029,500,000500,000
20. The Travel List Challenge120,0002,000,000500,000

Page Tools

Mensing’s Static HTML: iframe tabs kicks off the countdown after an astounding comeback; the page finishes with a 2.6 million weekly growth total.

On its heels, the Woobox-developed Static Iframe Tab combines a tabs built and view total for a 2.4 million increase. Also from the developer, Static HTML Iframe Tab : Custom Icons ranks as a fastest growing app by collecting a 700,000 growth number – a 12th position placing.

Progressing to fifth place, Iwipa earns a 900,000 total. Also returning to the the rankings, Pagemodo Custom Welcome Tab cuts the countdown in half with a 700,000 seven day growth statistic. Found three places behind Pagemodo, Static HTML… [Third Tab] posts a similar sum.

Musicians continue to aid in BandRx‘s placements within the countdown; a 500,000 increases improves the page’s position to 17th.


Causes continues to connect users on the social network based on social and political issues. The nonprofit application remains in third place compiling 1 million additions.

Personal communities develop at a slower rate for the ninth place finisher, Family Tree; 700,000 more people are searching and sharing their genealogy on Facebook.


Zynga remains the unwavering leader within the gaming trend, but for how much longer remains the question. No longer in first, Words With Friends settles for fourth picking up a decreasing 1 million new players. Texas HoldEm Poker is a top engaging page and a fastest growing app within the same week; 500,000 additions place the social card game in the 19th spot.

Taking a hard fall, Tetris Battle struggles to maintain a ranking in 15th growing by 600,000 gamers. Bubble Witch Saga, King.com’s creation, climbs back to the rankings accruing a 500,000 increase – an 18th place week.


Travelers beseech advice and sign in to TripAdvisor using Facebook, and 800,000 newly synched accounts aid in the page’s return to sixth place.

A few amusing surveys spread rapidly amongst social networkers. The Food List Challenge and the The Travel List Challenge have the eight and final positions, respectively. The first ends with a growth total of 740,000 and the second has a 500,000 finish.

Today Calendar gathers an improving 690,000 increase that pushes the app two places ahead of its previous ranking and into the 13th position. WeDoApp looks to aid in helping those that may tend to forget the birthdays of those close to them. The developer’s hit My Calendar places in 13th picking up 520,000 adders.


More singles flock towards Are You Interested than any other app on Facebook, and this week 600,000 new minglers move the SNAP Interactive title up to 14th place.

Readers, are you hooked on any of this week’s fastest growing apps?