Facebook Opens Status API, Say Goodbye to Twitter

Tonight Facebook has made a number of updates to the Facebook platform one of which is the opening of status updates. In order to get Facebook statuses, you no longer need to use a session ID to access statuses. This is a huge update and one that I think is going to take Facebook to the next level. There are additional updates listed in the Facebook blog post:

Specifically, your applications can now directly access all of a user’s status, links, and notes via new methods and FQL calls. Your application will have access to any status, notes, or links from the active user or their friends that are currently visible to the active user. In addition, we’re opening new APIs for you to post links, create notes, or upload videos for the current user, and we’ve made setting a user’s status easier.

As mentioned, Facebook has made it easier to set a user’s status. Get ready for streaming Facebook status tools galore. Just over one month ago I suggested that opening up that status API would be the first step toward Facebook killing Twitter. Now we will see if this really has as large of an effect as I claimed it would.

One other huge update to the Facebook API tonight is the ability for developers to upload videos through their applications. This is a massive update and my guess is that we will start seeing many developers take advantage of this new feature. Some users may have upload limits which can be determined by calling the new API call Video.getUploadLimits. Fortunately users can remove this limit by verifying their phone number.

I will be posting further updates once I have had a chance to explore these features more in depth.