Should Facebook's New Lexicon Expand Beyond Verbs?

Facebook wants alternatives to like, but what about moving beyond verbs?

Facebook wants alternatives to like, but maybe the Open Graph needs adverbs in addition to verbs — in other words, ways to qualify the relationship between two objects.

Developers and marketers can add more verbs to the Open Graph, subject to some approval by Facebook, but this still somewhat limiting.

For instance, you could watch a news show while multitasking, or you could be riveted to the screen? Just using the verb “watch” won’t make a distinction between these two meanings.

Talk could be idle chit-chat or a serious debate. Eating might be nibbling or devouring.

One solution is simply to keep adding more verbs to cover the different nuances of how two open graph objects relate to one another.

The thing is, techies and grammaticians are two discrete groups — perhaps with the exception of devopers of word play applications.

At some point, the relationship between two things on the social network might need more than just a verb to connect them.

Will McGrouther contributed to this post.