What Every Social Media Marketer Should Know about Open Audience Manager

Open Audience Manager helps marketers with large web sites embed Facebook's Like button into their web pages and subsequently publish newsfeed updates to Friends of any page.

Open Audience Manager helps marketers with large web sites embed Facebook’s Like button into their web pages and subsequently publish newsfeed updates to Friends of any page. Whether a site needs 100 or a million Like buttons, it generates the required code and Open Graph metadata for each individual web page and offers a web-based management system to track how “likable” the various pages are.

Ways the product benefits social media campaigns

  • Once Like buttons are in place, marketers can post Facebook newsfeed updates to visitors based on the unique web pages they have Liked, driving traffic to any destination the marketer sees fit.
  • The platform leverages Facebook for the viral boost it gives messaging while allowing brand websites to remain the centerpiece of their social marketing campaign.
  • With the goal of engaging Facebook users to return to the brands’ websites, Open Audience Manager provides detailed analytics of message effectiveness, comments, click-throughs, and, if integrated with the client’s analytics, conversions.

Coolest feature

Integrating with brands’ websites for automated re-marketing. For example, once a product goes on sale on a retailer’s site, the system can trigger a Facebook newsfeed update to anybody who Likes that particular product.

Feature rundown

  • Automate Like button and Open Graph metadata creation for large web sites
  • Facebook Friends can be segmented by the products/pages they Like and uniquely targeted via their newsfeed.
  • Marketers may track Like and messaging statistics across an unlimited number of Open Graph objects
  • Lays the foundation for the next evolution in SEO – Open Graph powered search

User profile

Our initial offering is optimized to the needs of agencies, online retailers and content providers with a large inventory of Open Graph objects.


The ongoing cost is tied to the number of Open Graph objects managed via our platform; price per object goes down the as the number of objects under management goes up. We do not charge for analytics or messaging. Fixed fee plans are also available.

Compared to competition

According to the company, “There are many vendors offering solutions to manage a brand’s Facebook Pages, providing Facebook messaging strategy together with tools for pushing rich, interactive content into the newsfeed. This is outside of our scope. Open Audience Manager is about social marketing infrastructure; how to register and manage potentially hundreds of thousands of Open Graph objects and Like buttons in a scalable manner. We are primarily a technology provider, providing clients, both agencies and brands, with the infrastructure to push messaging and content as they see fit across into their increasingly fragmented, Open Graph ‘friendbase’. To this end, our technology facilitates both ad-hoc and automated messaging to the Friends of any Open Graph objects managed by our platform.”

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