These New Facebook Features Enhance Users’ Sharing of Memories With Friends

Monthly and seasonal recaps, milestone friends and likes

Facebook officially began rolling out On This Day in March 2015

Facebook introduced several new ways for users to revisit memories they have shared with their friends, as well as updates to On This Day, its original initiative in this area.

Users have recently spotted monthly and seasonal recap stories atop their News Feeds, and product manager Oren Hod announced the official rollout of this feature in a Newsroom post, saying that related memories are bundled into specific months or seasons and appear atop News Feed, and users can share them, just as they can with On This Day posts.

Facebook also began sharing posts alerting users when they reach milestone numbers of friends or likes on the social network, with plans to expand this concept “in the next few months.” Hod said these posts are not yet sharable, but this will change “in the near future.” Facebook was testing this feature as early as June.

Facebook officially began rolling out On This Day in March 2015, and it had been testing the feature as early as July 2013.

Hod announced that On This Day is finally available to all Facebook users, and he described Facebook’s efforts to ensure that users are not exposed to potentially painful memories in On This Day posts: “We know that occasionally there are some memories that may spark negative feelings that you would rather avoid. We’ve invested a lot in developing ways to filter content that will select photos we believe may be the most relevant and enjoyable to you. We know how much people cherish their friendships and memories, which is why we approach these experiences with sensitivity and care. Our goal is to create a supportive environment that allows you to express your feelings and connect with what matters to you and your community.”