Facebook Officially Launches Resized Photos

Looking to upload larger photos on Facebook? It’s now possible thanks to Facebook rolling out some features first announced in January. Images have now been increased “by almost 20 percent to 720 pixels to give [users] higher quality photos”. While on the surface this isn’t a big deal, Facebook run the largest online photo storage product which means this is a relatively substantial technical feat.

While the photos being uploaded on the site will support the increased size, Facebook states that “some external applications may continue to use the previous size”. So if you are uploading an image from you iPhone, don’t expect that Facebook is going to increase the size of the photo by default. Facebook also announced in January that the company will resize profile photos, although that still hasn’t been rolled out yet.

At this point we aren’t quite sure when Facebook will launch the new photo size, but it’s clear that the company has delayed the process for rolling out the new page and profile tab widths in addition to profile photos. For now, users can upload larger photos on the site and that’s all the changes taking place. We’ll have to wait and see when Facebook decides to push out resized profiles though.

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