10 Signs You're A Facebook Noob

We regularly hear stories of people losing their jobs due to things they’ve posted on Facebook or of relationships that have been broken up due to their public Facebook activity. Facebook can be a great supplement to your existing relationships but if used incorrectly it can be devastating. People post information that they don’t expect to become public but within a short period of time, most information becomes revealed and the users learn their lesson. We’ve compiled 10 signs that you’re a Facebook Noob. If you don’t know what the term “Noob” means, check out the Urban Dictionary’s definition.

1. You Post Drunk Party Photos From Last Night

This is seriously the number one offense of a Facebook noob. In college it was a regular occurrence: you’d go out to a party and the next morning there would be photos of you from the previous night. In college it doesn’t really matter because it’s typically only your friends that end up seeing the photos but by the time you step into the “real world”, drunken photos can cost you your job. Seriously there is no longer an excuse for this to happen anymore.

If you happen to get tagged and some of your friends see, just quickly untag yourself and you should be good to go. Alternatively, step up your Facebook game and follow our short Facebook privacy guide to make sure it never happens!

2. You’ve Friended Your Child On Facebook

So this isn’t exactly a Facebook offense but it’s a good sign that you’ve most likely joined the site recently. Over the past few months one of the fastest growing demographics is women over 60 and while it’s not just mothers that are joining, they are joining at an amazing pace. To the new Facebook parents I say: welcome! It’s not necessarily a bad thing to be a Facebook Noob but knowing that you are one is the first step toward becoming an expert!

3. You Publicly Flirt With Your Significant Other’s Friends On Facebook

It’s one thing to try to steal your friend’s significant other but it’s a whole other thing to do it publicly. We all know that cheating takes place but do you really want to do that publicly? If you are posting romantic comments on your friend’s significant other’s wall you may want to question your own moral compass.

Whether or not cheating takes place, you are serious decreasing your social value by publicly interfering with your friends’ relationships. If the person who’s in the relationship is the one doing the public flirting then the situation just got a bit more complex. If you are using Facebook as a tool to get dates, fine, but don’t go around destroying relationships with your Facebook activities.

4. You Keep Inviting Your Friends To Your Latest Quiz

When Facebook launched their redesign applications started popping up in the feed on a regular basis. There is now a plethora of quiz applications that have begun to spam the feed. Yes, the quizzes can be fun to take but is it really necessary to take 10 of them in a day and let all of your friends know every single result? Whether you are inviting your friends to take the quizzes or posting the results to your feed, it can get pretty annoying if you do it regularly.

5. You’ve Posted Photos Of Yourself That Can Be Used Against You In A Court Of Law

I once had a person apply to work for me and his profile photos included a photo of himself smoking a joint and chugging directly from a bottle of whiskey. Granted, he was in college and was apparently enjoying partying but it’s probably not a good idea to post things that can get you arrested. If you are in high school and posing with an arsenal of guns, you may raise some red flags with your peers and potentially with the local authorities.

6. You Post Mundane Status Updates

I love knowing what my friends are up to but some people don’t even try to get creative with their status updates. If all of your status updates describe the minutiae of your life, you should probably try to have an extremely interesting life. For example, if you are “in the process of going base jumping with a flying suit”, that’s probably something I’d like to know. However if you “just got lunch”, that doesn’t add much value to your network.

7. You Friend People That You Don’t Know

Facebook is supposed to be a site for networking and sharing with your existing contacts not with people you don’t know. That doesn’t mean plenty of people don’t use the site to date. Typically there is at least some sort of courting process which involves conversation. Whatever purpose you are using Facebook for, randomly adding people just because they showed up in the “suggestions” box as someone you might know, is not the best way to go about things.

A good rule of thumb to live by: friend a person if you have at least spoken to them before and they can recall the conversation.

8. Believe And Click The Ads That Someone Has A Crush On You

Facebook applications have become littered with advertisements that are irrelevant to any user. That doesn’t stop millions of people from clicking on them. Often times you may want to avoid clicking the advertisements as you may suddenly end up with a random charge to your phone bill because you were tricked in to signing up for daily horoscope readings. Whether or not you’ve clicked on them, you should have probably learned your lesson by now: that ad is not really about someone that has a crush on you.

9. You Take the “Real Or Fake?” Quiz And Post The Results

Some Facebook quizzes are more explicit then others. The “Real or Fake?” quiz asks users to determine whether or not a individual pair of breasts is real or fake. While extremely enticing to some users, boasting about your results is probably not a good idea. One day I was looking at my feed and one of my friends had been caught taking the quiz. Needless to say one of his friends was not happy (as pictured below). If you plan on taking any questionable quizzes, you may want to think twice about posting the results.

10. You Get Fired For Being On Facebook

Yesterday Reuters reported that “a Swiss insurance worker lost her job after surfing popular social network site Facebook while off sick.” Typically it wouldn’t be an issue but her excuse for missing work was that she couldn’t work in front of the computer and had to lie in the dark (I’m assuming related to a Migrane or something along those lines). I really don’t think this one needs much more of an explanation. Don’t be dumb about your Facebook activity and you should be fine. However, if you’ve been fired from work because of your Facebook activity, you are officially a Facebook Noob.