Facebook mobile update: table reservations, movie and TV showtimes, hashtags on iOS

Planning a dinner and a movie date night? Facebook can help.

The company announced Monday two upgrades to its mobile pages product: the ability to book a table on a restaurant’s Facebook page, and view showtimes on movie and TV show pages. While the table reservation feature is available for Android and iOS users, only those on Apple devices will be able to check showtimes for TV shows and movies from their phone.

Facebook partnered with popular reservation platform OpenTable to strengthen its mobile pages product, a Facebook spokesperson noted:

OpenTable is working with Facebook to allow individuals to book a table via a restaurant’s Page on mobile. From discovery to booking (whether it’s with Nearby or going directly to a restaurant’s Page), everything is within the native Facebook app – no need to visit a mobile site or open OpenTable’s app. This feature is available on Pages of restaurants that support OpenTable in the U.S.(~20K restaurants). This integration will open up OpenTable to more people on Facebook, as you don’t need to be an OpenTable member to book a table on mobile Pages.

Another major mobile update: hashtags are now live on the iOS native app.

Facebook announced that with the latest iOS update, Facebook users can engage with hashtags the way that they do in desktop. Users will be able to search hashtags or tap them in posts, to discover discussion around a topic by friends and others within the Facebook ecosystem.

Facebook also made the app load faster on iPads, also including a cleaner design for timelines. Facebook fixed a bug on iOS, causing people to see a red notification badge when there weren’t any notifications.

The update is now available in the App Store.

Here’s a look at the hashtag search result page on iOS:

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