Facebook Looks to Offer Online Music Service

As tech pundits continue to wonder if Facebook fatigue is setting in, the popular social network is expanding its offerings—to, of all things, online music. That’s particularly ironic since its main competitor, MySpace, began life as a music site for musicians and artists back in 1998.


At any rate, Facebook is currently in talks with major record labels to launch an online music service, FierceMobileContent reports. The post said that the Facebook service would likely focus on premium, device-agnostic MP3 downloads as well as advertiser-supported streaming content.

Back in November, Facebook launched artist pages, which was also a nod to the old MySpace Music. Some third-party developers have also tied in Apple iTunes to Facebook, though the company itself doesn’t have a formal agreement with Apple, according to the post. MySpace, for its part, is already in talks with the labels for an online music service as well.