Facebook Live Feed Kills Twitter & FriendFeed

Yes, I love calling Facebook the Twitter and FriendFeed killer but I seriously think they may have one-upped the competition on their latest release: the Live Feed. You can sit and watch in real-time what is taking place with your friends across their profiles in an unfiltered manner. This is similar to the functionality the Twitter Search (previously Summize) provided.

Rather than the AP Newswire going across your screen, you now have a live activity feed of all of your friends actions. Soon enough I’d imagine that we will begin to see the activities of friends that are taking place outside of Facebook show up in this feed more frequently, making it much more of a competitor to FriendFeed. Just as with FriendFeed though, the majority of posts remain to be comments.

I’ve included a one-minute screencast below of my live stream newsfeed and I have to say that it is really impressive. Congratulations to the Facebook team on this one. One of the most enjoyable experiences with this new feature was watching the stream of feedback people were providing to the Obama speech last night. It will most definitely be interesting to watch this feed during any significant national event.

Honestly, I have a feeling that the demand for this feature of the news feed is going to grow exponentially as users get used to the new design. The only challenge will be that users that have less friends won’t have as active of a stream. Then again, this same phenomenon takes place on any social media site: the more friends you have, the more content you have to consume. Take a look at the feature in action below.