Facebook Lite Leaked: A Simpler Version of Facebook

Last night we received a number of emails about a new version of Facebook that a number of users were “accidentally” invited to. Dubbed “Facebook Lite”, the service is a faster loading version of Facebook, meant to make it easier to digest your feed and consume basic Facebook applications. While there is no word on whether or not Facebook will enable platform applications, it’s clear that Facebook wants to make the site easier to use for those that don’t have fast connections.

Testing of the service is currently taking place in India and other areas of the world which don’t have access to broadband. Last night images of the site were circulated via Azhar Chougle who took a screenshot of his experience. So is this new, simpler version of Facebook as shot across the bow of Twitter? Not really. Facebook has stated that it’s testing a “Lite” version of the site to target those users who are “coming to Facebook for the first time and are looking to start off with a more simple experience.”

This appears to be a cross between the mobile experience and the full Facebook experience. While we only got to first check out screenshots of this an hour ago, many have been buzzing about it all night long. How is this going to transform the Facebook experience? It’s pretty straight forward: those that want a more basic version of the site will have access to one. This also means that millions of users with slow connections will be able to access Facebook without having slow load time issues.

Were you able to access Facebook Lite or is it showing up blank for you? Were you one of the few that were accidentally invited to Facebook Lite last night?

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