Facebook Lite Is Now Live

This afternoon Facebook Lite went live for everybody. As we wrote back in August, the service is a more simple version of Facebook which loads quicker and is optimized for people with slow connections. While Facebook hasn’t been promoting it heavily yet, Facebook wants to see if users prefer the more basic interface over the regular one. Oh, if you were looking for applications on this one, there aren’t any!

There’s also no feed filters included in this more simple version. While I’m not sure about how this new version appears on mobile devices, there are numerous features which are absent from this new version. One interesting aspect of the Lite version of the homepage is that Facebook opted to display “People You May Know” over friends’ birthdays. While it doesn’t appear that Facebook will be promoting this new service domestically for now, it’s available for anybody that wants to use it.

For those that don’t like a ton of features, Facebook Lite will be a much welcomed alternative. Another interesting aspect is the simpler version of Facebook Pages, which now have no custom tabs. Instead, Pages are limited to photos, videos, the wall, and fans. For now, Facebook Lite is in beta but we currently have access and there is a promotional ad that says we can send out two beta invites. Hopefully they’ll increase the level of invites in the near future.

Are you able to access Facebook Lite now?

According to the Facebook Lite page, the current test is only for the United States and India.