Facebook “Likes” More Profitable than Tweets, But Twitter May Overtake Them

The value of a tweet is a contentious issue among social media marketers, many of whom still don’t understand how Twitter can be used to reach a large, targeted audience. And if you combine this attitude with the fact that Facebook “Likes” are still more profitable, it seems like Twitter’s still got a ways to go to prove itself. However, a new study reveals that Twitter might not be as distant from Facebook’s huge profitability as we think.

Eventbrite, an events management company based in San Francisco, released a study this week examining the value of a “Like” on Facebook compared to a tweet.

In terms of sharing, Facebook provided their campaign with more than four times the amount of sharing on Twitter. They suggest that this is because there are simply more people on Facebook in total, and the relationships therein reflect real-world relationships more closely than Twitter.

Even more interesting, however, are the numbers that Eventbrite released. Facebook “Likes” – which they see as the closest comparison to a tweet – generated an average of $1.34 in ticket sales to their events. A tweet generates $0.80.

However, social media marketers should think twice about ditching Twitter in favor of Facebook. According to an earlier study by Eventbrite in October 2010, one Facebook share equaled $2.52 in sales and a Twitter share equaled $0.43.

Twitter nearly doubled in value for Eventbrite in the past five months, while Facebook was nearly cut in half. Granted, the company looked at Facebook shares, not only “Likes”, in the first study so the value of Facebook might not have dropped by that much in actuality. However, the measurements for Twitter’s value stayed the same.

A tweet is worth twice as much now as it was in October 2010, according to these analytics from Eventbrite. If growth remains consistent, tweets might overtake Facebook “Likes” within the year, or at least entice more marketers to leverage the social information network in addition to their Facebook page.