Facebook Like Greasmonkey Script Lets You Like Anything

Yesterday, Matt Kelly of Facebook published a Facebook Like Greasemonkey script which enables you to like any page on the web. It’s a simple script, however it has been downloaded over 1,000 times since yesterday. As soon as you install the script, it will place a thin toolbar at the top of every site which makes it extremely easy to like the page as well as view Facebook’s “Recent Activity” and “Recommendations”. Keep in mind that all greasemonkey scripts require Firefox or another browser that supports a Greasemonkey alternative.

If you use Google Chrome you can install Greasemetal, and if you use Safari, you can download Greasekit. While there have been other attempts to make Facebook Like-enabled toolbars, this script was developed by someone who works at Facebook so you know it should work pretty well. If you want to download the Facebook Like greasemonkey script, you can go download it here.