Facebook Lets Spammers Back In!

Facebook has announced that they will soon remove the messaging limit on Facebook groups larger than 1,000 members. If you are the admin of a group that is larger than 1,000 members you know the pain caused when you can no longer contact your group members. Worry no more! Facebook will soon remove this limit so that you can message all your members once again.

Facebook representatives had been suggesting that there will be big changes coming to groups on Facebook at the Washington D.C. Facebook political summit and at the D.C. Facebook developers’ garage. It appears now that those changes will be coming soon. So why did Facebook decide to limit group messaging in the first place? Rumor has it that due to a clever marketing plan executed by individuals at Ruckus networks (Washington Post article), Facebook decided to limit messaging after a series of popular groups were used to spam their members. Another group designed around a false character called Brody Ruckus reached 430,000 members prior to the admin account being banned. Unfortunately Brody was never able to contact his fan base.

Ruckus on the other hand was successful at mass messaging people up until the restriction was placed on group messages. Ruckus Network used the messages to promote their website which provides free music downloads for college students. Luckily, I know the mastermind behind Brody Ruckus so I reached out to him for a comment. He simply responded “Game On.”