How to Maximize Facebook Lead Ads

Facebook opened up its Lead Ads to all advertisers last October, and Facebook for Business provided some tips this week on how brands can best utilize them.

Facebook opened up its Lead Ads to all advertisers last October, and Facebook for Business provided some tips this week on how brands can best utilize them.

Lead ads allow brands to auto-populate forms being filled out by users—for purposes including events, newsletters, offers or requests for further information—with details those users have already provided to Facebook, such as names and email addresses.

In January, the social network added context cards, the carousel ads format and availability on desktop to Lead Ads, and those improvements were joined in March by video, duplicate forms, new customer-relationship-management partners, customizable disclaimers and availability in the Ads Create Tool.

Far more details on Facebook’s Lead Ads tips are available here, and highlights follow:

  • When choosing between automatic bidding and manual bidding, advertisers that have determined how much each lead is worth to them should opt for manual bidding and bid no less than that true value.
  • Advertisers should add the Facebook pixel to their websites.
  • Use lookalike audiences to target people similar to your best customers.
  • Choose well art-directed imagery that has a strong focal point, uses depth of space and is thoughtfully composed.
  • Use context cards—which appear after users click call-to-action buttons on your ad—to provide detailed information about exactly what they are signing up for.
  • Make sure your brand is front and center.
  • Keep forms as short as possible, keep open-ended questions to a minimum and limit the use of multiple-choice answer options.
  • Optimize delivery of your ads to the types of users who are most likely to convert.
  • Create separate ad sets with separate bids for mobile and desktop.
  • Use the Facebook application-programming interface or a third-party CRM system to get your leads immediately.
  • Schedule Lead Ad campaigns to run while your business is operating, and use custom questions to learn the best times to follow up with potential customers.
  • Use conversion tracking and conversion lift studies to determine which elements of your campaigns were the most successful.

Advertisers: What have your experiences been like with Facebook Lead Ads?

LeadAdsContextCard David Cohen is editor of Adweek's Social Pro Daily.