Facebook Launching Email Application

I have now heard from a couple of sources that Facebook is hard at work developing a Facebook email application. A few of the features include integration of external email addresses, no size limitation, contact groups so that you can broadcast your emails kind of like a blog post and any image included in your emails can quickly be tagged and added to your Facebook galleries. This would make a lot of sense given that Facebook is rapidly becoming a phone book like directory. It’s just like a phone book but instead it is a “message book” or rather a “Face book.” I am capable of looking up practically anybody and shooting them a message. This has flattened the barriers to communication in that anybody can now look you up and send you a message even if they don’t know you. Just yesterday, ZDNet suggested that Facebook could bring about the end of email. I partially agree in that I have no spam whatsoever in my Facebook message inbox whereas with my email account I have the occasional spam message (which is currently being effectively filtered by Gmail). Also, around 10% to 20% of my communication now takes place on Facebook. Will Facebook launch the Gmail killer? That would truly be an impressive feat. The funny thing here is that there still is email provider wars taking place. I would have imagined this to have ended years ago. I guess this will end when total social integration within a single framework takes place. Looks like Facebook is working hard to develop that framework.

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