Facebook Launches "Peace On Facebook"

-Peace ON Facebook Icon-This afternoon Facebook is launching the “Peace on Facebook” hub as part of the broader “Peace Dot” initiative which currently has few details about the program. The “Peace On Facebook” service includes a live stream widget in addition to charts which highlight the volume of connections among countries, religions, and political parties which are part of opposing groups. It’s an interesting initiative although we’re not sure how Facebook will be promoting this new service and what more will come from what is essentially a landing page.

The concept behind displaying relevant Facebook statistics is pretty cool. This new page also appears to be part of the broader Facebook for Good conversation. Also of interest with this new Peace On Facebook page is poll statistics that Facebook collects on a daily basis, in which they users from around the world “Do you think we will achieve world peace within 50 years?”

Strangely enough U.S. users appear to have the lowest believe with only 7 percent believing world peace is achievable within 50 years. I’m not sure if this is a sampling error or not. Contrast those results with Israel, where 17.5 percent of users believe peace is achievable within 50 years. Perhaps those nations which live in a geographic region plagued with more violence have a more positive view of the future?

I’m not sure what sampling size each country receives on a daily basis but the information is most definitely interesting.

-World Peace Possible Graph-