Facebook Launches Mobile Platform

According to VentureBeat, Facebook has announced a new feature that enables third-party developers to build web applicaitons that work on mobile devices. While Facebook mobile is nothing new, the ability to build applications for mobile is. Facebook has also announced that they will be launching a new Blackberry optimized site in conjunction with RIM.

This comes the day after news was released about Facebook’s new ad platform. All the startups that were based around building social networks for mobile devices have just taken a serious blow. The iPhone compatible Facebook site is one of the slickest designed sites that I have seen for mobile devices in a while.

Given that Facebook mobile is not highly optimized on my Blackberry, I look forward to the new update. While there is no mention of when this is launching, this is huge news. Web developers worldwide now have the ability to create personalized mobile applications all built on top of the Facebook platform. Want personally targeted applications on your phone? Looks like you are going to need Facebook! How big is mobile? There are more mobile devices that are in use worldwide than computers. That’s big!

I have downloaded the Facebook application for Blackberry. It is an amazing application. If you have a Blackberry, go get Facebook for Blackberry® Smartphones application. All you do is enter your email address and it will send you a download link that you can open from your Blackberry. It then installs the application directly on your phone. I hope to be able to provide screenshots soon!