Facebook launches mobile Like button


Facebook first previewed a mobile Like button at its f8 conference in April, but the company announced today that it is rolling the feature out for anyone. Now app developers can use the Like button to get people to easily become a fan of the page.

Facebook Software Engineer Todd Krabach noted in a blog post that the Like and Share buttons are seen across nearly 10 million websites monthly:

Today, we are excited to make the Like Button available to all Android and iOS mobile app developers. People using a mobile app can directly Like the app’s Facebook Page, or any Open Graph object within the app, and share on Facebook. The mobile Like Button works seamlessly with the Facebook account the person is logged into on their device, allowing people to Like any piece of content, while in your native app.

Krabach noted that app developers should determine the most relevant time to show users the Like button, such as when someone playing a game reaches a certain level. Developers could also choose to show the Like button after the user opens the app for the first time, especially if the app has high recognition or an active community on Facebook already.

Krabach also said that app developers should make sure their Facebook page is updated and accurate before installing the Like button within the app:

Your Page is the best way to communicate with people and keep them up-to-date on information related to your app or game. You can provide tips, start a conversation, or even reach your relevant audience through ads. Liking the Page allows active mobile app users to engage with your content on both web and mobile. Additionally, you can use App Links to create a seamless experience between your Page and your native app. This way, your fans will be able to click on a link posted on your Page, and go directly back to your native or web app without friction.

Learn how to install the Like button: iOSAndroid.

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