Facebook launches EMEA Client Council


Facebook this week announced the formation of the EMEA (Europe, Middle East, Africa) Client Council to better help serve advertisers in this region.

In a post in Spanish on the Facebook for Business blog, the company announced the mission of the EMEA Client Council:

We believe that developed countries and those that have high growth rates have a lot to learn from each other, and we wanted to create a forum in which some of the best minds in the industry could hear and share ideas and inspire thinking about the future of marketing.

That future is connected and mobile Internet devices. Increasingly, users access the Internet at an astonishing rate, while devices such as mobile phones, tablets and even clothing with built-in technology are transforming our behavior and will be a factor that will drive growth in EMEA. For example, in parts of Africa and the Middle East, the mobile phone becomes a means of survival that provides authentic information on commodity prices, health care, banking, employment, entertainment and leisure.

Here’s a look at who will be on the council:

  • Aegis Media CEO for Northern Europe, Rob Horler
  • Nestlé executive vice president of strategic planning for Europe, Cedric Boehm
  • Unilever VP of media for America and Europe, Rob Master
  • Angel investor, Gigi Levy
  • Starcom MediaVest Group president, dynamic markets division, Iain Jacob
  • Red Bull director of international advertising, Eleonore Ogrinz
  • BMW director of brand management, Steven Althaus
  • Bonprix senior VP of sales and Internet marketing, Markus Fuchshofen
  • MediaCom CEO Nick Lawson
  • Omnicom Media Group managing director, EMEA, Colin Gottlieb
  • Procter & Gamble Israel CEO Sophie Blum
  • Volkswagen director of marketing communications, Anders Sundt Jensen
  • Zalando senior vice president of sales, Jerome Cochet
  • Samsung EHQ director of marketing for Europe, Stephen Taylor
  • Reckitt Benckiser executive VP for Europe and North America, Rob Degroot
  • Disney director of marketing, EMEA, Tricia Welber
  • Mondelez International media director for Europe, Gerry D’Angelo