Facebook Journalist Page Liked By 12,000 On Day One

The Journalists on Facebook page has amassed roughly 12,000 fans during the first 24 hours after launching.

I visited Journalists on Facebook right after the communications team first emailed me about the page’s launch yesterday morning. Since then, the number of likes has jumped from perhaps a dozen to 12,376 when I started writing this and 12,841 when I finished.

I’m guessing these likes represent a mix of the people on Facebook’s massive media list, along with folks who’ve read about the page launch described by the aforementioned recipients of the email announcing this page.

These people together have significantly populated the page with content — yesterday it looked so barren that it made skip writing about Journalists on Facebook. Now, looking at 24 hours of activity on this subsite, I see lots of potential.

Not only that, but I wonder if this page might increase the competitiveness among the journalists who cover Facebook — and the competition is already intense — even while this part of the site obviously gives the social network an opportunity to control more of the message that goes out to the public. We all benefit from a good effort to push accurate information out to those who get to spread the word.

And now I’ll point out a bit of brand confusion that could be easily straightened out: The title of the page is Journalists on Facebook, but the image bears the words Facebook and Journalists. Most likely the graphic would have to change to match the page name.

Readers, have you checked out this page? Do you think it has any relevance for people who aren’t employed as journalists?