Facebook issues guide for retail advertising


Want to get more in-store traffic? Facebook feels that its advertising is just the solution. Facebook this week published a guide for its Preferred Marketing Developers looking to foster more prosperous relationships with retail clients.

The guide includes some interesting tidbits about advertising and News Feed:

  • People check News Feed 14 times per day.
  • 45 percent of people who were reached via ads were reached exclusively through Facebook.
  • Facebook is more than twice as accurate as other ad networks.
  • Facebook delivers an offline conversion lift of 8x return on ad spend.

Nicholas Franchet, Facebook’s Global Head of Retail/E-Commerce strategy, touched on three key tenets for retail advertisers:

  • Discovery. Most people don’t know what they want, which gives retailers vast opportunity to inspire ideas through merchandising. Facebook News Feed is particularly effective in this arena because of its engaging, large-ad format, and because it is where people spend time discovering what matters to them numerous times throughout their day.
  • Personalization. The proliferation of smartphones and tablets means marketers have to work harder to ensure new and existing customers see the right product at the right time with the right message. Facebook’s reach and unique targeting capabilities empower marketers to time and tailor messages, which increases the effectiveness of ad spend and allows for personalized marketing at scale. This is incredibly powerful from a cost and business standpoint.
  • Return on Investment. The path to purchase is becoming increasingly complex as people discover, research, and shop for products across devices. Because people are their true selves on Facebook, retailers can accurately measure their advertising performance across devices and the incremental value they receive.

The complete guide is embedded below.

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Facebook Retail Brief for PMDs