Facebook Initial Public Offer Primer Published

Yes, someone wrote a whole entire book dedicated to Facebook's initial public offer.

Someone wrote a whole book dedicated to Facebook’s initial public offer? That’s like asking whether there’s a whole blog dedicated to Facebook. Ahem.

Well, there’s plenty of source material for a book in the more than 100 pages of registration documents the social network filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission at the beginning of February, plus still more paperwork in the form of three amendments, appendices and the pending Instagram acquisition.

The SEC has yet to approve that purchase, which would impact final approval of all the other papers mentioned.

Facebook has pushed the boundaries of what the SEC allows companies to do between the time they submit registration documents and the actual IPO transaction — from holding weekly private auctions after filing registration documents to acquiring a competitor and somehow managing to leak tips to the media anonymously — that we wonder whether a deal could actually happen by the last-rumored date of May 17, rather than later.

The longer the lead time to an actual IPO, the better the market for an e-book about the deal could be. And this book is about the deal, rather than a story about the company, although that’s part of it too.

The Facebook IPO Primer now sells on Amazon in the Kindle format, and will become available through other booksellers in the future.