Facebook IPO is Dead in the Water?

Adario Strange of Wired seems to think the Facebook IPO is dead in the water. This is based on a Time magazine interview published yesterday in which Mark Zuckerberg claimed that they have no intention of filing for an IPO for now. The rationale behind them hiring a stock administrator with experience in international companies that went public was that they wanted to make sure the options that they grant to employees are reasonable. Oh ok. Guess they aren’t going public then! If they had any intention to go public do you think that Zuckerberg would come out and spill the beans during a Time magazine interview while there is so much buzz surrounding the company? I doubt it. While I agree that the media likes to read into small things, it’s all they have to go on. Based on any sort of business rationale though, their window of opportunity for an acquisition is rapidly closing. The only other way out is IPO. It’s pretty amazing how people will simply consider an IPO exit dead in the water simply because Zuckerberg says they aren’t doing it. Nobody thought that an IPO would take place this year anyways. It will most likely take place sometime next year once they near or cross 100 million users. The bottom line here is that asking Zuckerberg if Facebook is going public in a Time Magazine interview is like asking the CEO of Whole Foods what direction his stock should be going. You know what he is going to say, but it is most likely horribly misleading.