Facebook Users Are Obsessed With The IPhone 4S

Status updates about the next iPhone release are going up at least once every two seconds as of this writing.

Status updates about the iPhone 4S are going up about once every other second on Facebook, although that’s just the publicly visible posts.

Most of these status updates include links to stories or video clips about the next iPhone release. Some of the links include possible malware that when clicked prompts a warning from Facebook and Websense.

The majority of the postings express enthusiastic demand for Apple’s forthcoming device, coming to market about 15 months since the release of the iPhone 4.

The posts mostly focus on the device itself and not on which applications might be included, much less whether a mobile version of Facebook might be embedded in the operating system.

Most postings refer to an iPhone 5, since that’s what the media has largely anticipated, but it’s possible that today’s announcement might concern a 4S or more than one device.

Users have also been resharing an infographic from Thinglink that includes embedded videos to help narrate the history of the iPhone; we’ve embedded a copy beneath this post.

What are your friends posting on Facebook about the Apple announcement?