Facebook Introduces Translations For Facebook Connect

Want to get your site translated into multiple languages for free? With Facebook’s new Translations for Facebook Connect, developers and website owners can take advantage of Facebook’s highly successful Translations application. Using the translations application, Facebook was able to have the site translated into more than 65 languages in a matter of months. Facebook was translated into Spanish in two weeks, and then French followed next in under 24 hours.

It appears that Facebook is really going after the translations market in general with this new iteration of their application. According to a blog post by Cat Lee, the Translations application can be added to any website in under an hour. While I’m sure more advanced configurations will take significantly more time, it’s great to think that free content translation is now available.

The Translations application has been available to developers on the Facebook Platform for a while now, and a number of top applications have already taken advantage of it. One important aspect of the new Translations application is the fact that content can be translated inline. That means users won’t have to go to Facebook to convert your site into another language.

Instead, they can click directly on a word or phrase and translate it right there, as pictured in the image below.

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