Facebook Introduces Independent Newsfeed App Ironically Called Paper

Facebook has been rumored to be working on various branded apps for a few months now so it’s no surprise now that it has finally surfaced as a sleek newsfeed app. Unlike Facebook, the new Paper app is sleek, simple, and has plenty of eye-loving visuals.

However, the name is a bit ironic don’t you think? As a smartphone app, it’s anything but Paper, literally. Perhaps the social network is channeling the name behind blogging platform, Medium, but irony is not lost on us. At the end of the day, the app provides a service that Facebook already offers, newsfeed, in a better looking format. For that alone, we think Facebook paper is worth using.

Here’s a run down of the app’s highlighted features from the press release:

  • Everything responds to your touch so you can pick up or thumb through stories with simple, natural movements
  • You can tilt your phone to explore high-resolution panoramic photos from corner to corner, and see faces and other important details up close
  • Fullscreen autoplay videos come to life and bring you deep into the action
  • Beautifully detailed covers make it easy to spot articles from trusted publishers and decide what to read or watch.· Articles unfold in the app and appear fullscreen for a focused reading experience
  • When you’re ready to tell your own story, you know exactly what your post or photo will look like because you see a live preview before you share it

The app will be available on February 3, but we’ll also be on the lookout for more apps through Facebook’s Creative Labs. 

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