Facebook IM Spam Popping Up

Facebook has been viciously attacking spam but the battle is proving to be a hard one. The most recent strategy by spammers is logging into other individuals accounts and sending instant messages to everybody on an individual’s buddy list. Just this weekend I received a few spam instant messages from users that I rarely talk to.

Spam will continue to be one of Facebook’s most important priorities as they move forward. Spam was ultimately one of the factors which drove many individuals from MySpace. I know that spam was one of the reasons I left the site. False friend requests plagued the site to the point where people’s requests page was getting flooded with false friend requests.

Then again the requests from applications when the Facebook platform first launched last year were almost as annoying for many users. Fortunately for Facebook it doesn’t appear that the site has suffered a massive outflux of users. Instead since the platform launched, the site has practically tripled in size. The last thing Facebook needs is a surge in spam though and it’s clear that spammers are taking advantage of all opportunities to get to users.

That’s why Facebook filed a lawsuit against at least one spammer back in August. Facebook is using all tactics available to combat the unrelenting spammers attacking the site. While Facebook has been relatively good at combating spam, it’s not rare for me to see a spam wall posting on my friends’ profiles. This will continue to be an issue for the company as they continue to expand.