Facebook Hires Pursuit's Founders

Facebook confirmed it has hired the three founders of the recruitment focused startup Pursuit: Louis Eisenberg, Russ Heddleston and Nicholas Letourneau.

Facebook confirmed it has hired two of the three founders of the recruitment focused startup Pursuit: Louis Eisenberg and Russ Heddleston.

Facebook bought none of Pursuit’s assets, including a site that would have competed with the recruitment networks Hackruiter and Top Prospects. Pursuit’s now defunct site had designs on encouraging people to refer possible hires both through the site itself and through Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

Pursuit’s third co-founder, Nicholas Letourneau, plans to return to school, according to an email. The startup’s home page includes a note that some initially misinterpreted as an acquisition:

Update: we’ve found a new home at Facebook!
Although we’ll be working on stuff unrelated to Pursuit, keep an eye out for great new features from us there and thanks to everyone who helped along the way.

Facebook’s recruitment of the two founders suggests the social network might want to expand upon what the third-party application BranchOut already does on the social network; but that presumes that the site wants to add Pursuit functionality like rewarding people for referring candidates — and again, no assets have been acquired.

What do you think Pursuit’s founders might do in their new jobs at Facebook?