Facebook Hires Google M&A Expert Zoufonoun

Facebook has hired Google's Director of Corporate Development, Amin Zoufonoun, to lead the social network's nascent mergers and acquisitions team.

Facebook has hired Google’s Director of Corporate Development, Amin Zoufonoun, to help build the social network’s nascent mergers and acquisitions team.

Reuters has reported that Zoufonoun will join Facebook next week. He had worked at Google since 2003, evaluating and negotiating investments in other companies. His work included leading some of these deals in the U.S. and internationally, including On2, Grandcentral (Google Voice), Metaweb, Widevine, Feedburner, Simplify Media. He also filed numerous patents on behalf of his employer.
According to Zoufonoun’s public profile on LinkedIn, he studied electrical engineering as an undergraduate before getting a law degree, a combination well-suited to his line of work.
The recent pattern in hiring suggests that Facebook is beginning to tip the scales in the recruitment battle against Google. Over the past year, the social network has recently poached the search giant’s former Director of Latin American Sales, Alexandre Hohagen; along with David Fischer, who used to run self-serve ads; Paul Adams, a researcher of social media; and Erick Tseng, the lead product manager for Android.
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