Facebook Groups Icons Are Getting A Facelift

Coming very soon: more and better icons for Facebook Groups.

Coming very soon: More and better icons for Facebook Groups, according to a Quora post by Soleio. He only hinted at the forthcoming release, to the effect that some images will become reincarnated and possibly improved. The timing of this update hinges on his return from vacation. He didn’t say exactly when that would be.

Soleio actually didn’t respond directly to the question as originally posed, “Why doesn’t Groups offer a non-broken heart for a group icon?” Another user on the site gave a well-intentioned answer that referred to the image as something relegated to the past. I don’t know whether it’s history, but I do know first hand that it was available as recently as this past August.

Facebook uses little heart icons to refer to relationship status. If you update your relationship status on the site indicating a breakup, and then subsequently revise it to reflect that you’ve gotten back together, you see the so-called “non-broken heart.”

That assumes your profile’s privacy settings include letting people see changes in your relationship status. I happen to have mine set up so that only friends who know me from contexts other than work, and who aren’t exes, can see any changes in romantic availability.

Changing relationship status on Facebook has become tantamount to announcing one’s availability over a loudspeaker. It’s one of the strongest statements you can make on your profile. Break up, and friends post condolences — plus admirers come out of the woodwork awfully quick. Get back together, and you’ll receive affirmation, while those harboring crushes quietly delete comments on your wall.

And that’s the gist of what Aaron Sittig meant by his Quora response to the question about heart iconography: Nearly everyone on Facebook already associates those images with relationship status, so applying them to other concepts might confuse people.