Facebook Goes Face-down for the Lying Down Game

Thousands of people across the globe have whole-heartedly embraced The Lying Down Game, a challenge for anyone to create the weirdest, most public, or largest group of people lying face down – and then snap a picture to be posted on Facebook.

The idea for the game originated with a pair of friends, Gary Clarkson and Christian Langdon, from Somerset, England. But, as the latest example of how much Facebook memes can spread, The Lying Down Game group on Facebook currently has close to 34,000 members from all over the world.

Rules for the game are few and simple: the subject must be lying straight, with palms against his or her sides and toes pointing towards the ground. The more public, the better. The stranger the place, the better. The more people involved, the better.

The photo gallery for the page is filled with nearly 7,500 photos of people playing the game. A lot of the entrants appear to be from England, but it’s obvious that submissions are starting to come in from other parts of the globe. There also seem to be a few parents taking advantage of the fact that little children are small enough to lie in some strange places. Place your children precariously on supermarket shelves at your own risk.

Though the group originally began as a competition amongst friends in Northwest England, it has caught on on Facebook like wild fire. After several copy-cat groups popped up, The Lying Down Game opened up to anyone that wanted to take a shot at lying down. It’s only taken a matter of weeks for the group to reach huge numbers, and a lot of the appeal comes from the fact that anyone can participate. There are no special skills needed, just a camera and a Facebook account. So get creative, eat some dirt, and join in the fun.