Friends Don't Let Friends Get 'Fraped' On Facebook

Teenagers who don't log off before leaving Facebook in favor of other websites risk becoming the butt of practical jokes by friends who post humiliating status updates on their accounts.

Teenagers who don’t log off before leaving Facebook in favor of other websites risk getting fraped.

Don’t confuse it with the caffeinated blender drink. Frape refers to a popular prank among teens: Posting humiliating status updates on an accounts that a friend forgot to log off of.

As blogger Martyn Kelly explains:

Frape victims have usually left themselves logged into Facebook, or Twitter, or something similar, and one of their friends has written a comedy status, seemingly from them, to their friends or followers. This usually happens at parties, when someone will use a shared machine, and oh look, they’re still logged in. Boring pranksters go for the playground low-blows — “I am gay” through to “I just shat my pants.” The more sophisticated frapesters change the birthday of the frape victim to the very next day, ensuring they wake from their hangover to not just the clanging of their own nerve endings, but to the odd well-wishings of 200+ people saying “Happy birthday!”: in that process-driven way we’ve become accustomed to.

Kelly’s come up with a solution: a contractual agreement that friends can sign to promise not to frape one another. We appreciate the cuteness of it, but the exercise seems like more of a hassle than simply remembering to log off of Facebook before navigating elsewhere or leaving a shared computer.

Readers, what’s the funniest prank you’ve seen on Facebook?