5 Rules Of Facebook Flirting

Ilana Donna Arazie is a vlogger and blogger about love, technology and living your best life. Find her latest adventures at www.downtowndiary.com.

A girlfriend recently asked me to explain the concept of “poking” on Facebook. I told her that it meant that someone is flirting with her, of course. I mean, isn’t it obvious? Back in second grade, the boys would chase us around the room, grab, hit and poke us until we giggled so hard we had “accidents”. Or was that just me?

Either way, that was considered flirting back then and sadly, Facebook has given men online access to their old ways. However, recently a male of mine friend mentioned that his guy friend pokes him all the time, and that just killed that theory for me. Or did it?

In any case, there sure is a lot of flirting going on in the Facebook sphere. With friends of friends at your fingertips, who wouldn’t want to surf for dates or “open” relationships? According to Internet market research company www.OnePoll.com, “Now social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have taken over as the dating hot spot with many singletons finding love online.

This new art of seduction could use some fine tuning though. A Facebook Buddy of mine noticed that women apparently like to flirt publicly while men are more private and keep their messages behind inboxes.

Professional matchmaker Samantha Daniels, claims that women have more of a soft-sell approach. “They might send a guy a more innocuous email, opening the communication door. Maybe a note like, ‘I was wondering how we might know each other?'”

Daniels says men are more to the point and might ask a girl out directly. Sounds typical: Men say what they want. Women say something different from what they are thinking and assume you can read their minds. An attractive Harry Houdini could be our dream man.

There are some more effective ways to flirt on Facebook and maybe even land a date or to develop an “It’s Complicated” relationship. Here are some do’s and don’ts of Facebook courting:

1. Find Friends in Your Hood

Search for and join your neighborhood networking group. Once you’re in, you can search through profiles, add people you find attractive and send them a cute note with your introduction request. This could come off a bit creepy, so don’t overdo it with your note. Be short, sweet and genuine and if the person is truly open to finding love through Facebook, you may get a response.

2. Flirt Through a Friend

It might take time, considering it seems like the average person has 500+ friends, but go through your friends’ buddies. If you spot someone you might find interesting, see if your connection will give you the inside scoop on that person and introduce you. The only catch: that person may not be single. But hey, it’s worth a shot. And worst comes to worst, you make a new FB buddy and we can’t get enough of those.

3. Beware of the Fakers

Many unsatisfied partners are seeking thrills by flirting on Facebook. Yes, even housewives have left their iVillage chat rooms to join the Facebook ranks. Daniels tells a story of a guy who played 20 questions with a girl he found on FB. After 20-25 emails back and forth, his last email revealed he was living with a girlfriend. The girl was upset. She wasted her precious time crafting the perfect 2-3 sentence responses to each of the 25 emails! Sounds like a lifetime.

4. Chat it Up

That hardly audible click that comes on every time someone wants to chat with you on Facebook always makes you curious. Who is actually taking the time to chat you up? Use the chat application to start up a conversation with a FB crush. Buddies have asked me about my status update, which is always great opener. I respond just about every time.