Facebook Finally Launches Improved Photo Tagging

You can now tag photos with the names of pages in addition to any of your friends who haven't opted out of this feature in their security settings.

You can now tag photos with the names of pages, in addition to people on your friends list who haven’t opted out of the capability in their security settings. This drastically improves upon even the promised enhancements originally announced in the middle of December, making the feature very much worth the extra wait.

Like these images above demonstrate, the actual rollout of improved photo tagging differs from the appearance of the originally promised improvements but the differences are all for the better.

The new tags offer page administrators a way to get mentioned more frequently in people’s news feeds.

To tag pictures, click on the link labeled photo on any of your friends’ profiles or on pages you’re already a fan of — and onlly on pages within the categories of brands, products or people.

Within the photo viewer, you can see the tagging option, which prompts with suggestions of names of both friends who allow themselves to be tagged along with pages you already like.

Readers, what do you think of the newly available photo tagging improvements — were they worth the added wait?