Facebook Testing Out Feed Story Feedback Feature

Facebook is the process of testing out a new feedback feature with feed stories. The new feature, which is practically identical to comments, let’s you provide feedback to various users. Why would you want to differentiate between comments and feedback? You probably wouldn’t but as Eric Eldon pointed out back in April, Facebook is testing out credits integrated with feed items. One story after the other is pointing toward a soon to be released credits system within Facebook.

Just today Eric Eldon posted again about a slight change to Facebook’s credit system. Apparently Facebook is switching the cost of gifts from 100 to 10 gift credits. This falls in line with the promotional gift credits that I wrote about yesterday. Whether or not the feedback feature is for credits is unknown, but why would you add feedback separately from comments?

As our anonymous tipster pointed out, “At the most basic level, this change separates the ‘call to action’ (comment!) from the results (other comments). This should dramatically increase conversation.” The tipster continued with the same conclusion that I drew which is that, “The bigger picture is that this opens an avenue for involving multiple levels of ‘feedback’ such as credits, etc., which are separate from ‘comments’.”

For me it’s pretty obvious that all signs are pointing to a near term credit system upgrade right before testing begins with developers. Micropayments are a huge opportunity Facebook. Many consider it a multi-billion dollar opportunity. As Facebook expands credits from an internal service, on to applications, and eventually Facebook Connect enabled websites, you can envision the countless possibilities ahead.

While the system won’t be built overnight, it has clearly become a priority for Facebook whereas before it was a hotly debated topic within the company. From debate to decision, Facebook is clearly moving forward with their payments system and while many virtual currency networks are on guard, developers are eagerly anticipating the roll-out of the credits system. So do you see any need for a feedback feature outside of

Tom Whitnah has posted in the comments that this isn’t actually a new feature. It’s just the first time we’ve seen it. As Tom states, “That link has been around since the introduction of “Like” on the profiles of users who choose to collapse comments and likes (collectively “feedback”) on their profile. The Show Feedback (N)/Hide Feedback (N) links are used to expand the comments/likes when they aren’t shown by default.”

-Facebook Feed Feedback Screenshot-