Largest Facebook Game FarmTown Goes Down, Run For The Hills!

FarmTown users have been going crazy this afternoon as the application has become inaccessible to millions of users around the world. FarmTown is currently the most popular game on Facebook according to daily active users and it continues to grow at around 2 percent, or upwards of 300,000 new users per day. So what are the users doing while Farm Town is down? They are refreshing the application to see if it’s back up of course!

While millions of users have found a great way to be unproductive during the day, Zynga is hoping that some of those users come over to Farmville which has become the second most popular application based on daily active users. That means Facebook has over 9 million daily virtual farmers on the site. If only that virtual farming could be used toward something more useful. While I’m not sure of the positive aspect of this, millions of users have been running around chaotically as they can’t tend to their fields.

I can understand the users’ addition as I previously spent a whole week playing the game. I had to stop playing though after I purchased my own house as I didn’t see an end point to the game. Many of these applications remind of the old virtual pet keychains from over a decade ago. Anyways, the application has gone down and this site has been flooded with comments like, “I’m breathing into a bag” and “I’ve played out my Farmville plot – not a scrap of ground left to plant a cow to milk or a tree to harvest and I’ve used every energy and stamina point in Mafia Wars and added every friend – in between hitting that refresh button! LET ME IN MY FARM Farm Town Masters.”

If you are looking for game addicts, you’ve got it. While I’m not sure of the lifespan of these applications, the mafia genre games have been holding steady since the platform first launched. However long these games last, it’s clear that the users are extremely addicted. Luckily some users are reporting that the application is now accessible while others are still in the dark. Can you access Farmtown? Do you play farm games on Facebook?

Apparently the following statement was posted in the Farmtown forums by the Farmtown team:

There are some network connectivity issues between our network provider and Facebook servers.

We are working on solving this issue, but don’t have an ETA at the moment.

We will be extending the “Ready to Harvest” time by 1 day, so you will not lose any crops due to this down time. Come back tomorrow and your crops will still be good as new.

Our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.


-Farmtown Screenshot-