Facebook Fans Rally Behind Taylor Swift After Kanye/VMA Flap


If Taylor Swift’s recent surge in Facebook Fans is any indication, it may be true that anything Kanye West touches turns to gold. The country/pop star has seen an increase in her Facebook page traffic following last week’s much-publicized incident on the MTV Video Music Awards on September 13th.

After Kanye West jumped on stage to interrupt Taylor Swift’s acceptance speech to announce that Beyonce had made one of the best videos of all time, there was an immediate backlash against West and resounding support for Swift. Even Beyonce took the time to hand over the mic during her own acceptance speech for an award later in the programming to allow Swift to finish her “thank yous.”

The support has translated into more Facebook popularity for Swift, with almost 100,000 Fans adding their names to Taylor’s page in the last week, giving her at a little more than 2.2 million total Fans as of today. Overall growth has continued to be gradual, but you can see a day-to-day increase in Swift’s page growth starting on September 13th.


There are an overwhelming number of comments offering congratulations to Swift and condoning West’s ill-advised interuption. The over-all theme of the posts on her wall mirror the public sentiment, offering an interesting look at how celebrity Facebook pages are echoing what’s going on in their lives. We’ve seen pages leap in popularity when an actor or musician is promoting a movie, show or album, but this is essentially Fans using Facebook to connect and air their opinions on celebrity news.

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