Facebook Experiences Explosive Growth in Europe

Comscore released data today showing impressive growth in Europe’s social networking obsession. The most interesting of the data was a whopping 422 percent growth in Facebook visitors between the months of January and July of this year. The second runner up was a site called Bandoo.com which had a 170 percent growth. When I went to check out the site this morning it didn’t appear to be working. MySpace displayed a relatively impressive 24 percent growth. You can view more of the statistics in the chart below.

Comscore statistics chart

The Comscore report, which focused on Germany social networking usage, also illustrated that Facebook has significant room to grow. Currently Facebook isn’t even among the top ten social networks in Germany. I have a feeling that much of the data may be skewed by London who, according to Natalie Minor of Facebook, is now the largest network on Facebook. One thing is for certain: social networking has gained significant traction and, as Geoffrey Moore describes in his book “Crossing the Chasm,” is now in the Tornado phase. It will be interesting to see if Facebook can gain enough traction to become the top social networking site in Europe.