Facebook expands Custom Audiences, marketers can target users who visited site or used mobile app

Facebook on Tuesday announced a major update to Custom Audiences that would allow marketers to target ads to people who have visited the company’s website or used the mobile app.

Facebook notes that this is rolling out globally over the next couple months.

Facebook announced this new capability in a Facebook for Business blog post:

These new features expand the capabilities of Custom Audiences to allow marketers to deliver targeted ads to people who visited their website or used their mobile app. For instance, a bike retailer could reach people who started designing bikes on its website but didn’t make a purchase. Through Custom Audiences, the company can reach these people via desktop News Feed and encourage them to finish customizing online. Or, a mobile travel app can deliver ads to people who have downloaded their app but haven’t used it in a while and encourage them to book getaways within the app.

Custom Audiences works with all Facebook ad formats and targeting capabilities. And mobile app Custom Audiences was built specifically to help mobile app developers reach their customers on Facebook.

The new targeting feature is also complementary to Facebook Exchange (FBX), but Facebook notes that the two should be used differently:

  • For advertisers who have a large number of products and advertise to multiple audiences, FBX is the better solution. FBX, however, is limited to desktop only.
  • For businesses that don’t typically work with third parties, website and mobile app custom audiences will allow them to show ads to people who have been to their site or mobile app and still take advantage of Facebook’s targeting abilities.

Readers: What do you think about this update to Custom Audiences?